Ramin Fahimi

I've recently graduated from Computer vision lab at University of Manitoba advised by Dr. Neil Bruce. My research is focused on machine learning, computer vision and eye-tracking. Previously I obtained my BSc from the Iran university of science and technology working with Dr. Nasser Mozayani and Dr. Mahmoud Fathy. I spent a year as Software engineer in between Social Network Lab and Systemnegar advised by Dr. Masoud asadpour.

Research interests



Computer vision


Scene understanding

I’m broadly interested in optimization algorithms for neural networks and getting inspiration from humans vision/brain to develop machine learning algorithms. I started by exploring visual attention techniques and I am moving forward to use deep learning based solutions to understand geometry of the scene. I am also highly motivated to compare humans and machines behvaioural differences at various levels.


  • [09/2019] Two paper submitted to WACV20
  • [08/2019] One paper submitted to Behavior Research Methods Journal
  • [12/2018] I just moved to Toronto and I am actively looking for full-time positions.
  • [12/2018] I am very excited to attend NeurIPS 2018 for the first time!
  • [11/2018] I finished my masters and submitted my thesis